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Your Custom Design

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If you are having an event or occasion where you need printed balloons but none of our standard templets will do, then this is the place for you.

You might be a creative type where you want to design your own artwork, or maybe you are from a design or advertising agency and are working to a client's brief, perhaps you want your companies logo printed onto some balloons for a promotional event.

We will print your design for you, whether it is a logo, graphics, photo, text or a mix of them all.  There are a few restrictions as follows

  1. The final print will be in a single colour of ink, so if your original artwork is two or more colours then we will need to reduce the artwork to a single colour, we will probably be able to do this for you at no extra cost.  If you want balloons printed in more than one colour then check out some of our other listings
  2. Size, we print using a design template that is based on a circle of about 12.5cm or 4.5inch diameter
  3. Shape, as mentioned above our template is based on a circular shape so if your artwork is much wider at the top or bottom then you may want to amend it.  
  4. If you want us to print a graphic, logo, or photo then you will need to send us the file, it will need to be in a format we can open, we prefer formats such as pdf, eps, jpg etc.  We can also work with files that are in formats from proprietary software such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator etc, however, sometimes we can't open these properly. Do not send in formats such as Microsoft Word or Powerpoint or Google Docs etc they never open properly

The balloons we use are;

  • 12" Diameter Balloons
  • Made from 100% natural latex
  • Will only float if inflated with helium gas
  • Printed in your chosen design using the high-quality silk screen process

Your high quality printed balloons will add that extra 'something' to the party or event that you are organising.  When your guests walk into the venue the bright colours and personalised design will tell them that you have spent a lot of time and effort making everything just right.



There are several pieces of information we need from you to allow us to print your balloons;

Qty - How many Balloons Do You Need?

Balloon Design - Either send us a message in the special instructions field or send us your artwork file 

Balloon Colour - Pick the colour that you want your balloons to be, you can pick the option for assorted colours if you wish, or if you want particular colours then select the 'specified colours' option and list the colours you want in the special instructions field

Ink Colour - Pick the colour that you want your print to be, please choose a colour which will work on all the balloon colours ie don't pick white ink for white balloons (check out the page 'Colour Charts' for more guidance)

Neck Up/Neck Down - Most people will choose Neck down as the balloons will be filled with helium or used on a balloon stick (check out the page 'Neck Up/Neck Down' for more guidance)

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