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About us

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First of all, who is this 'Us', of whom you speak?
At the time of writing, May 2017, there are two of us in the business, Jim and Janet.  Strangely we both have the same Surname - Campbell, this may be because we are married :-).  We have been married since 1991 and are loving the adventure as much now as we did then.  Along the way we managed to gather up a couple of little Campbell's, a girl - Lyndsay and a boy - Matthew.

So this is a business, is it?
Jim and Lyndsay with Bob and Bert balloon sculpturesWell, yes, it is.  Do you think we do it for fun?  Actually it is a lot of fun.  How many people can say that they can play with balloons all day long and get paid for it?  Now that's not to say that we don't take it seriously or work hard at it, we do.  The difference is that most times we are working hard at something we love doing and so it doesn't really feel like working.

Tell me more about the business?
OK, I will.  Our business was established in the year 2000 and is called Celebration Balloons.  Back in those days the best way to advertise a business was using 'The Yellow Pages',  all you young un's can ask a grown up what the yellow pages was, or you might see a tiny little book with 100's of pages, still in a cellophane bag, lying in the hallway or close to the telephone (thats landline not mobile).  Anyway we used to spend £1,000's a year on advertising in that dinosaur, but once the internet got to produce the 'web 2.0' we started moving onto the interwebs, we made a website at  Then when Facebook was born and grew up a bit we opened a couple of pages there and




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