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Formal Balloons

The school Formal is a big event in a young adults life, perhaps it is the first time that they have got dressed up in their fancy clothes and gone out to a formal event without their parents.

There are a lot of things to organise, dresses or suits, makeup, hair, nails, tans, corsages, cars/transport etc.

Most people will have a little party at home before the young adult goes off to the party, maybe a bite to eat and a couple of drinks, they might even have their boyfriend/girlfriend round to join in, or maybe a group of friends will leave from the same house or venue.  Whatever way you do it you will want to take some photos, and the perfect accessory for the photo is a 'Formal Balloon'  it allows you to include the names and dates of the event and record it for posterity.

We have a selection of formal balloons to choose from.

All of the balloons in this selection are supplied inflated and are for pick up only, we can deliver them but only by arrangement.

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