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We have opened our new Shop, You can now buy printed balloons online

Posted by Jim Campbell on

So we have now opened our new store, I have had it 'switched' on for a few days now and it all seems to be working properly.

We are selling personalised, printed balloons via the shop and we hope that it will be a useful addition to the current methods we use to interact with our clients.  We currently use a range of methods where our clients can contact us to purchase their printed balloons or balloon decor.  Here are a few links; 

So far I have only uploaded a few printed balloon templates to the shop, but this will be increasing in the coming weeks and months, I will also be trying to improve the quality of images and descriptions for the balloons.  I will also be making some major changes to the look of the shop, assuming I can work out to do it :-)

I have a lot of work ahead of me but hopefully it will be worth it and that you, our clients and potential clients find it to be a friendly and easy environment to buy your printed balloons.

Many Thanks

Jim Campbell
Celebration Balloons

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